Luna’s Vault Academy

2016 Courses! Starting soon in The Academy! In order to grow spiritually without outside influence, we must be well grounded and solidly connected and expanding deep root systems that protect our exterior growth, balancing outward progress against the inner progress.

Energetic Protection is created by using symbolisms to manifest the assurance you desire. We use the InnerTrinsix Meditation Toolkits and Apothecary Supplies as your lab kit to expand your understanding & actualize concepts of theory into action with exercises and homework.

With one on one time with each of your instructors, we will help you get the most out of this foundational teaching by personalizing the process.

With group discussions, we will tap into the combined NRG of group work, discussions & presentations. We will do New Moon Ritual, each of us in our own sacred space, creating invisible but powerful protective shields for the continued work we will do together.

With our combined 40 years of wisdom, we are confident that this introductory course will give you a strong White Light Shield of Energetic Protection.

This will give us a chance to get to know each other and continue to find our tribe.

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