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Manifest with the Moon - January Kit

Each month a unique set of tools are united in a kit to enhance your energy work. Intentions change monthly & coincide with the moon phases. Limited quantities available.
January Manifest with the Moon Kit
Full Moon for Energetic Protection
Jan 22nd 8:46pm - Jan 24th 8:46pm (US est)
Create your circle of Protection before engaging in any energy work.
Ward off energy vampires, unwanted negative energy/attention, evil entities or simply cleanse your space from past psychic pollution.
This months kit contains:
Altar cloth/crystal grid, Orgonite, 4 Crystal quartz points, raw Tigers eye, Onyx, Sage stick, Bell, Key, Raffia, Ritual details & video at start of full moon to begin your journey.
Quantities are limited! Grab one today!
[embed][/embed] [caption id="attachment_155459" align="alignnone" width="770"]Items in January's kit Items in January's kit[/caption]

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