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How to Activate the Throat Chakra: Lessons from a Giraffe

Animals make wonderful teachers once we know how to tap into their energies.  How the giraffe thinks, approaches life, and the physical adaptations of its’ soul provides us humans a key to using our bodies and our skills wisely.

How to use Onyx for Protection

Onyx defends our conscious negativity. Protects from unwanted & uncontrolled sexual activity. Decreases probability of any outside & unwanted interference in a relationship. Helps us end unhappy relationships. Gives us strength to cut the ties. It’s a supportive stone during difficult times in life & it centers our energy when stressed.  It’s the stone to […]

1st Quarter Moon Phase

This moon phase is all about Endurance. This is a time nurture your Solar Plexus Chakra. It’s naturally willing to open & activate during this time. Leo & Aries thrive during this moon phase. If both signs pair up together on a project during this time… look out. It’s pure magic. Amazing things occur.

Knowledge meets Intuition

Knowledge, research, education. You’ve studied intensively. You know the facts. You are prepared. It’s now time to utilize this knowledge. Arming yourself with fact & details regarding a situation is essential but at some point we need to act on this information. Are you tied down in the details… overanalyzing? Trust in yourself. Believe. Pair […]

How To: Use Crystals

Crystals are precious gifts produced by Mother Earth that hold beautiful and varying energetic frequencies at our disposal for so many purposes. With an abundance of varieties and uses, we are breaking down the basics so you can build your own community of crystal friends and know exactly how to use them in your transformational […]

Creativity and Reincarnation

Creativity and Reincarnation article by Amit Goswami “If you are interested in creativity, in enhancing the role it can play in shaping your life, then you already have what it takes. Applying a quantum perspective can bring your creative genie out of the bottle.” -Amit Goswami  
What is the Difference Between Magick and Magic?

What is the Difference Between Magick and Magic?

Although the word 'magic' is typically associated with parlor entertainment tricks, many people use the terms 'magick' and 'magic' interchangeably spelling it in different ways. Magick' is typically referred to the practices of harnessing internal and external energies that will enhance change within ourselves and our surrounding environment. Whether you spell it 'Magic' or 'Magick', the term basically holds the same meaning: a method of manipulating the physical world through metaphysical means by employing ritual action. There is no right or wrong way of spelling the word.
Power-Packed Energy Toolkits to Manifest Your Desires

Power-Packed Energy Toolkits to Manifest Your Desires

mber Tyler, co-founder of Luna’s Vault, offers Energy Toolkits drawing from many spiritual paths across the globe and providing the tools necessary to enhance your intentions and greatest desires. Each Energy Toolkit focuses on one certain purpose bringing culture and spiritual teachings and encompassing all aspects of ancient world wisdom.