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Manifest with the Moon February Full Moon Ritual

Click Here to purchase your kit!Lasts 3 days to grab your full moon intention kit that includes everything you need to create energetic protection Click on my profile for link to purchase! And the clip next post over, to learn more!!! #limited-supply #Intention #Necklace – write your intention on scroll and wear close to your […]

1st Quarter Moon Phase

This moon phase is all about Endurance. This is a time nurture your Solar Plexus Chakra. It’s naturally willing to open & activate during this time. Leo & Aries thrive during this moon phase. If both signs pair up together on a project during this time… look out. It’s pure magic. Amazing things occur.

Time, DreamState and Karma

Dimensional truth changes with the perspective you gain in your search. Because time doesn’t operate in the linear sense, ALLTIME is the ONLY true time. We can change and release from Karma through this understanding. Dreamtime is where much truth can be found. Document your search. Seek and you WILL find

How to Manifest Protection II: Full Moon Candle Ritual

We began our Protection ritual during the new moon, now it is time to review our work of the past couple of weeks, make any revisions and recharge our Intention for Protection under the Full Moon.  Full Moon =  Time to see ourselves as who we were, who we want to be and who we […]

Astrology Forecast for May 28, 2014

by Tom Lescher Kaypacha Published on May 28, 2014 My mind is always going, 10 times faster than my heart, If I want to know the meaning of life, Slowing down is a good place to start! Happy New Moon in Gemini! Just a quick, short, and light (Gemini) look at what is going on […]

How To: Manifest Protection using Candles and the New Moon

New moon is the time for new beginnings and creating change. It’s also a time for self empowerment. You need to understand what you want and establish the confidence to acquire that Intention. This little exercise is the perfect way to surround yourself with Protective energy and it’s also the perfect time to begin. Use […]

In-Depth Look at Moon Cycles

We know the moon is a vast vault of knowledge and gravitational energy, now we focus on the energetic moon cycles and how they influence our daily lives. The gravity of the moon affects all water on planet Earth creating a Lunar Month Cycle, which is also the cycle of a woman. Each phase represents […]

Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse & Grand Cross Energy Report April 15th

We like to give shout outs to cool public figures online. Sonja is one such person. Her approach to Astrology and the current movement of the local Heavens is always spot on advice for spiritual growth. Below is her report for April 15th 2014! * Powerful Full Moon/ Lunar Eclipse in 25 degrees of Libra […]

How To: Utilize the Moon

The Moon is the closest astral body to the Earth and therefore has a deep influence over us all.  Water on Earth is influenced by the Moon gravitationally. The human body is comprised 50-65% water, which is why we are so responsive to the Moon’s phases. Lunar energy is strongly connected to the female womb, as both […]