Spring Blooming - White Blossoms And Sunlight In The Sky

As the dew that descends Water drops with right way thought Feed the pods The sunflower seed shaped beehive mind The 5D shroom spores about to break the veil And be seeded into the awakening human The Fairy meet the Person And we find our wings The descent of 5D to Three The merging of […]


New Moon Manifest March 10th 2:02am (US est)  Perigee Moon for Chakra Activation  Do you know what Lunar Perigee means? Perigee means the Moon is closest to the Earth. This is a powerful time to connect your innerworld to Lunar Cycles, a perfect time to commit to your healing process using the natural energy vortexes of your own body […]


Click Here to purchase your kit!Lasts 3 days to grab your full moon intention kit that includes everything you need to create energetic protection Click on my profile for link to purchase! And the clip next post over, to learn more!!! #limited-supply #Intention #Necklace – write your intention on scroll and wear close to your […]

Bowl full of Protection

Onyx defends our conscious negativity. Protects from unwanted & uncontrolled sexual activity. Decreases probability of any outside & unwanted interference in a relationship. Helps us end unhappy relationships. Gives us strength to cut the ties. It’s a supportive stone during difficult times in life & it centers our energy when stressed.  It’s the stone to […]

Manifest with the Moon

Each month a unique set of tools are united in a kit to enhance your energy work. Intentions change monthly & coincide with the moon phases. Limited quantities available. January Manifest with the Moon Kit Full Moon for Energetic Protection Jan 22nd 8:46pm – Jan 24th 8:46pm (US est) Create your circle of Protection before engaging in […]


Mercury Retrograde Help! Jan 5th-25th It’s that time of year again & this proves to be a challenge right out of the new year gate… considering Communication is one of my 2016 Intentions. And it’s going to happen on our 1st new & full moon of the year! What is mercury retrograde you ask? Or maybe, […]