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Manifest with the Moon Circle
Manifest with the Moon Circle
Manifest with the Moon Circle
Manifest with the Moon Circle

Manifest with the Moon Circle

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In person moon circles on hold. Please check back soon for updates & check our Facebook page for details.



-Journal & Pen/Pencil
-Personal crystals or any other sacred items/tools you like to charge or work with
-An Open Heart & Mind
-Swap Basket Offering (optional). Each Circle, we contribute items in exchange for another, or as donation. If you feel called, please bring a treasure to swap or gift. There is no obligation to this. A few ideas: Tarot/oracle decks, books, sacred tools. 


A monthly gathering under the moon (sometimes indoors) to consciously unite with one another. A time to be heard, held, felt, seen and lovingly supported by our collective Moonbeams community. We invite you to drop deeply into your own being to listen, renew, restore, and reconnect to yourself, your life, and the natural world around you. Consider this a sacred time for self-care of the soul and manifest together with the moon.

These Circles are open to all who feel called to join & are not associated with any singular path or religion. A tribe of souls from all paths & walks of life. No prior meditation, circle experience, astrology knowledge or spirituality experience necessary! We share the 3E's: Educate, Enhance, Empower.

You can expect a sensuous, sacred space with Heart. Our moon circles include heartfelt connection, guided meditation & visualization, warm candlelight, soulful sharing, powerful intention setting, ritual creation, Oracle Card readings, sage, crystals, essential oils, music, herbal tea, and more. Held on or near the Full Moon each month.

This is an official Circle of The Wild Woman Project.

We look forward to joining together in Circle ♥