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About Us

Ana the Wizard & Imber the Alchemist.

When Ana and Imber’s paths collided almost 20 years ago, it was instantly clear they were like-minded souls who had journeyed together for lifetimes. This go-around they each specialized in complementary practices: Imber in alchemy & aromatherapy while Ana dove into ancient sacred practices such as reiki  and modern healing modalities like hypnosis. Together they shared a passion for earth magick & dream journaling along with a mutual respect for each others knowledge & experiences. Their combined expertise birthed Luna’s Vault as a means for sharing two lifetimes of wisdom and knowledge.

The name derived from the notion of the moon (aka Luna) being a shared human experience. Every person who has ever existed, no matter where on Earth, has gazed at the moon and has been influenced by her cycles. Luna’s Vault taps into Universal wisdom and ancient practices and delivers tools to assist modern seekers in their journey of expansion.

Continue the journey of your soul with Luna’s Vault and gain access to our unique online community providing digital spiritual content, interactive live broadcasts and home delivered meditation & moon kits to support your emotional healing and growth both on and off line.