3 Sisters of Luna's Vault

What happens when 3 empowered women from 3 totally different backgrounds, living in 3 different states come together to enhance, share and educate? MAGICK!
The power of 3. Our mission as life coaches and guides; To bring together a master mind Educate, Enhance & Empower the Mind, Body & Spirit as transformation guides through the phases of life.

Imber, Ana & Kat share 20+ years of friendship and a mutual respect for each others knowledge and experiences. Their combined expertise birthed Luna’s Vault under a full moon to share their collective wisdom with the world, providing a support system to realign individuals with their warrior energy.
   Kat = Kathy Marie Howell.
Her unique perspective as a healer comes from a career in the health and beauty industry transforming individuals inside and out. As an integrative nutritional health coach and a cosmetologist she understands that everyone carries unneeded baggage in life and her goal is to guide healing along the way. 
As a long time business owner, she loves seeing the rise in women leadership. Her mission in life is to help visionary women in business find their passion, reclaim their birthright and step into their wholeness so that they can create a thriving business of their dreams.
We rely on Kat for creativity, persistence and her impeccable listening skills.

Mo   Ana = Mo = Monique Ana Schaff.  
Her childhood shaped her entire life’s journey. As a cult survivor and the eldest of 13 siblings, she searched for the meaning in life at an early age and found rebellion. This resistance began the adult journey to understanding herself, her souls purpose and the place for spirituality in her life. She holds a deep understanding of universal knowledge from past lives and our ancestors. She mastered ancient sacred practices such as reiki along with modern healing modalities like hypnosis. Today she heads Victory Garden Sanctuary, a non profit providing support for youth victims escaping cults and human trafficking through programs of interpersonal communication, vocational training, as well as traditional & alternative methods of therapy that transforms the individual into happy, active, and responsible citizens of society. 
 We rely on Monique for her unique high perception vision, deep soul searching and ambition to find a solution for those in need. 
 Imber = Kim = Kimberly Tyler.
She experienced a spiritual awakening at a young age that opened her to dimensions beyond what the human eye could perceive. She became aware of the “Oneness” of the universe and the simple truth of manifestation through control of thoughts and energy. Since then, that awareness guided her choices through every stage of her life. She attained a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and Zoology and enjoyed a long career of animal health in the veterinary industry. She obtained certifications in aromatherapy, as a compassion fatigue educator and as a life coach. Through private study she learned to read tarot and oracle cards, and study the ancient wisdom of past civilizations & their oral traditions. Luna’s Vault is the culmination of Kimberly’s years of personal journey into manifestation. She utilizes the moon cycles to deliver tools to assist modern seekers to manifest their intentions and goals into reality.
We rely on Imber for creating change in stagnant areas, connection, continued education and maximizing any situation.
Luna's Vault. The name derived from the notion of the moon (aka Luna) being a shared human experience. Every person who has ever existed, no matter where on Earth, gazed at the moon and felt the influence of her cycles. Luna’s Vault taps into Universal wisdom and ancient practices and delivers tools to assist modern seekers in their journey of expansion.

Continue the journey of your soul purpose with Luna’s Vault and gain access to our unique online community providing digital spiritual content, interactive live broadcasts and home delivered meditation & moon kits to support your emotional healing and growth both on and off line.