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Current Moon Intention & Energy Kit
Current Moon Intention & Energy Kit
Current Moon Intention & Energy Kit

Current Moon Intention & Energy Kit

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Manifest with the Moon Intention & Kit.

At each new moon & sun sign change we share a unique intention, set of tools & system of correspondences to enhance your energy work & personal healing journey. 

Ocean of Emotions

June 22nd - July 17th, 2020

Moon Cycle Initiated with the New Moon in Cancer, tapping into the energies for Emotional Healing, the 3rd Eye Chakra and the Cancer archetype.


Since our sun signs resides in Cancer during the majority of the moon cycles, we plan to dive deep into the water and unlock some emotional healing and the connection with our intuition. As we bring these emotional needs to the surface, we welcome the awareness and how it plays a role in our choices for spiritual growth. We ask for diving guidance to help lighten the heavy as we swim to our souls purpose.

Can I trust my intuition and why? How am I currently working through second hand trauma? Is my past trauma now part of my identity? In what ways do I move through my emotional upsets? 

We tap into the water element, cancer energy and our 3rd eye chakra as we elicit deep feelings and a need to nurture or be nurtured.


System of Correspondences 



 Enjoy herbs, gemstones, sacred essential oil blends, plant seeds, candles and a journal to document the journey. All items in line with this months SOC's (System of Correspondences).

Limited quantities available. While supplies last.