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Manifest with the Moon
Manifest with the Moon
Manifest with the Moon

Manifest with the Moon

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Manifest with the Moon Monthly Kits.

Each month a unique set of tools, united in a kit, to enhance your energy work.  Intentions change monthly to coincide with planetary movement & moon phases.



This Moon Cycle we explore our relationship with joy. Inspired by the fiery, Sun-ruled zodiac sign of Leo. We call attention to joy in every aspect of our lives, examining and experiencing love, creativity, play, recreation and pleasure.

Are we reclaiming joy, searching for joy. defining joy, experiencing joy, avoiding joy… ultimately, How do we cultivate Joy into our lives?

We manifest utilizing the energies of Creativity, the Heart Chakra & the Leo zodiac fire sign of the lion.

It’s ok to just be, create and scatter joy!

I have burned my way through the darkness… let’s dance!

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Heart Chakra Energy Toolkit

 Enjoy herbs, gemstones, sacred essential oil blends, plant seeds, candles and a journal to document the journey. All items in line with this months SOC's (System of Correspondences).

Limited quantities available. While supplies last.