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Current Moon Intention & Energy Kit

Current Moon Intention & Energy Kit

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Manifest with the Moon Intention & Kit.

At each new moon & sun sign change we share a unique intention, set of tools & system of correspondences to enhance your energy work & personal healing journey. 

Music of the Soul

Moon Cycle Initiated with the New Moon in Gemini May 22nd - June 19th, 2020

Tapping into the energies of a Gemini archetype, the Heart Chakra & Communication.

This moon cycle we explore how we skillful communicate our hearts desires. 

Are we sharing our souls purpose with the world? Do we feel safe within our cadre to express the sounds of our soul? Why is conversation the slowest form of human communication?

We tap into the air element, gemini energy and our heart chakra as we cleverly think of singing our souls song to the world.


System of Correspondences 


Music of the Soul Energy Toolkit

 Enjoy herbs, gemstones, sacred essential oil blends, plant seeds, candles and a journal to document the journey. All items in line with this months SOC's (System of Correspondences).

Limited quantities available. While supplies last.