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Manifest with the Moon

Manifest with the Moon

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Manifest with the Moon Monthly Kits.

Each month a unique set of tools, united in a kit, to enhance your energy work.  Intentions change monthly to coincide with planetary movement & moon phases.


This Moon Cycle we manifest our attention toward our personal wealth, inside & out, and we take a look at our relationship with receiving abundance. Inspired by the Taurus energy, we connect with the Earth & Venus as we explore, acknowledge & feel our inherent wealth.

We combine our focused energies to include; Success, Prosperity, the Heart Chakra & yes of course, Taurus the bull.

How do you feel about accepting gifts? What’s your relationship with money? What do you consider an asset? Can you identify your natural abundance? In what ways does my abundance organically multiply itself? How could I tend to the health and integrity of my relationship with money & material resources? What do you consider your best resources? What’s your relationship with the material world?

“Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.” ~Henry David Thoreau

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Success Energy Toolkit

Heart Chakra Energy Toolkit



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