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11:11 and other Number Sequences on Clocks and Machines Do you see number sequences? So do thousands of others at the same time. Are you radioactive and connecting into the Collective IAM coming from Mother Earth as SHE Ascends into her whole 5D (fifth dimensional) self? it is our heritage to Ascend with her! Do it! when you see the sequence, stop all you are doing and just feel exactly all sensations of that moment. outside experience and inside emotions. take a snap shot of your moment as you. synchronicities mean that your spirit is making higher connections and you are opening your wifi wavelengths of the body. try to NOT put fear or linear ideas into what is happening. try to let the number sequence teach you what is it trying to convey. i believe this is a frequency number related to our soul wheels and how our soul wheel (other human beings alive today, also seeing those number sequences, they are your soul wheel, your local part of the collective soul) are experiencing the wakening. waking up is happening in different ways for different people. as you capture your 'NOW' experience in stillness, imagine you are downloading and uploading the snapshot of who you are in that very moment. send it to the others who are seeing the same sequence at the very same time you are....

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