How to Activate the Throat Chakra. Teachings of a Giraffe.

Animals make wonderful teachers once we know how to tap into their energies. Mind, body & spirit. How the Giraffe thinks (approaches life), the physical adaptations & its’ essence/soul provides us humans a key of wisdom. A fresh energetic perspective for the following Intentions.

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Throat Chakra & Communication:

A Giraffes neck is approximately 1.8m (6 feet) long. The largest Throat Chakra on the planet! This mammals neck is comprised of 7 vertebrates, exactly the same as a human. Giraffe’s are excellent communicators. Coincidence? Zebras, Rhinos & many other animals of the African savanna grasslands prefer to hang close to Giraffes, with great respect, because when danger approaches a Giraffe is the 1st to know. If a herd of Giraffes run in fear, instinctually all other animal herds begin to run as well. The view from the top helps! They possess a unique vocalization that helps the herd communicate. It’s infrasonically, below human audible range. Around the same range as earthquakes, meteorites & Elephants.

Key: Speak your truth, it’s the key to individuality.

Heart Chakra:

It takes a special heart to pump blood all the way to the brain of a Giraffe. This heart is over 60cm (nearly 2 feet long) & weighs over 11kg (around 25 lbs)! A heart this big pumps over 70L (nearly 16 gallons) of blood every single minute. One of the strongest Heart Chakras of all animals.

Key: Believe & nurture Self Love. Activate Heart Chakra. Good Health is essential. We must 1st nurture ourselves before we truly help anyone else.

Protection & 3rd Eye Chakra:

Giraffes engage with other animals in a unique way. In conjunction of their massive heart & communications skills they draw a unique tribe of other species around them. Lots of animals on the Savanna want to hang with the Giraffe. Even one of their few predators (lions, crocodiles, humans). Lions & giraffes mingle together without a problem until hunger strikes the Lion. The Giraffe instinctually knows when a Lion stomach begins to rumble & starts to distant the herd. Camouflaged naturally, the Giraffes moves in tighter groups during the Lions hunger period. If a Lioness creeps a little too close for comfort, a swift karate chop to the head from a Giraffes front leg will quickly kill her.

Key: Strengthen intuition & Brow Chakra. Rely on your tribe when danger approaches. Be fearless & be confident in your circle of Protection.


Build your Tribe. Open your Heart. Trust your Intuition. Speak your Mind.

Those that need to hear you… Will.

  Photo curtesy of ZooAtlanta. Video Animals: Giraffes (Giraffa camelopardalis reticulata) Etana, Isooba & Zuberi. Zebras (Equus quagga) Hannah & Shinda
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