How To: Energetically Cleanse and Clear a Space

There are easy ways to cleanse and balance the energy of the room (and yourself) by using the four elements, earth, air, water and fire. You can combine cleansing the space with the charging the room through intention. Or you can first cleanse and then charge your space with good intention after the purging process.

Cleansing your space should happen on the schedule of the moon cycle for ritual. But if you ever get the sense that your space needs to be cleared energetically or if you had an emotional event that you wish to release another space cleansing!

Many people have heard of burning sage, using salt or other methods of clearing, but we are going to take it a step further and explain the intentional focus, using elemental tools and the breath, that will help you achieve a deep and thorough energetic effect. You’re just a few steps away from an energetic home makeover.

Step 1: Physically cleaning the space. A good old-fashioned room cleaning is the best way to start. In addition to creating a clean slate for the movement, when you physically clean you are also psychically clearing the energy which gives the whole process momentum. rosemaryStep 2: Exhale. Energetically speaking, cleansing is the exhale or expression of releasing what no longer serves our highest purposes of healing. Select a corner of the room and exhale completely while standing the the corner releasing. For the Element of Air and Fire together, you can burn sage, incense, herbs, woods or resins. Use a candle that has been dressed and as the fire lights to  smoke into the air, intend that the fire purge all negative and the smoke absorbs all negative. Once you open your windows to release the smoke, intend that all negative energy is being blown away. Move counter-clockwise to each corner of the room and repeat the exhale process. Step 3: Inhale. After you have cleansed your space and proceeded with the exhale portion it’s essential to replace what you have removed with good energy. This is considered the inhale or infusion of what does serve the highest purpose for healing. For the Element of Water, you can sprinkled blessed water in all corners of the room. This can be water that you have used and consecrated in previous rituals (look up water spells). Water is not only cleansing but when you use water that has been invoked with the Symbol of the Flower of Life, you are creating a very clean and sacred space to continue your healing in. Stand in each corner of the room and take a deep inhale to consecrate the space with your new intention. Move clockwise to ground your new intention. Step 4: Chant and Sound. Write a chant to keep your intention clear as you move through the space and chant it aloud. (see writing chants for intention). This chant can be a simple rhyme as using the voice during any type of intention is very powerful. You can also charge the space with sounds from bells, drums, rattles, chimes or other instruments. Between Clearings. For the Earth Element place a bowl of salt (try Himalayan salt) in a corner of the room. The salt crystals can be downloaded with the entire cleansing ritual you performed and run as program that is always running in the background, keeping you grounded and balanced (like anti-virus on your computer). You can leave this bowl of salt there as long as needed but make sure to remove the salt after an emotionally charged event takes place in the room. You can dispose by washing the salt away with water. Cleansing before ritual is very important, as you want all energy in your space to be working with you vibrating at the frequency you wish to multiply. You can do a combination of all of these elements, or just use one of the elements. Whether you decide to cleanse first and then charge your space or do a combination of both together, the key is to intend and visualize as your proceed. If you do this faithfully in your practice, you will reap the rewards. Photo Credit: The Libertine Magazine

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