How To: Energetically Protect

When opening yourself up energetically during healing work it is very important to make sure you are fully protected from all energies that do not serve you. We are offering various tools and practices to create a strong protection ritual. Cedarwood Essential Oil. The use of cedarwood essential oil is highly recommended for energetic protection work. It’s very grounding, evokes strength, confidence, courage, and helps to overcome deep fears and anxiety. This oil protects from many health issues but also resists pests and animals. It is believed to provide strength when confronting powerful entities. Onyx. When feeling intruded upon by malevolent energies, onyx provides a strong circle of protection to ward off evil. This stone is especially associated with warding off sexual or abusive attention. Because this stone absorbs negative energies, it is used when you need to protect yourself and then release the negative energy elsewhere. New and Full Moons. The full moon and new moons are the strongest phases and it’s best to utilize the energy of both cycles during protection work. The full moon has the most energy and the new moon sets changes in motions. Both are very powerful times to set an intention for protection. InnerTrinsix Meditation Kits The Protection meditation kit by InnerTrinsix has everything you need to ensure you are fully energetically protected. This kit contains a candle, crystal, mantras, herb sachet, aromatherapy spray and many other elements with effective protective abilities. Photo Credit: A Witch a Spell
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