How To: Find an Animal Spirit Guide


Native Americans believe that souls or spirits exist in all things made up of the universe… humans, animals, plants, trees, rocks, natural forces, rain, sun, stars and the moon. Today we focus on Animals.

Animism, Animal Totems, Animal Spirits, Power Animals or Fetishism are many names given to this understanding, each with their own unique meaning. 

Animism attributes conscious life to natural objects or a phenomenon, a practice that eventually gives rise to a soul. 

Animal Fetish is a carved animal statue.

Animal Totems are a symbol of a tribe, clan, family or an individual. 

Animal Spirits and Power Animals are terms used interchangeable with Animal Totems.

They are guides to help heal, educate, inspire, protect and influence a person throughout their journey by the animals quality of character, powerful traits and behavioral characteristics. 

Animals guide and teach us through certain stages of life and appear in dreams. Shamans or elders assign an animal as a guide to young knowledge seekers but most times animals appear on their own, sent by the universe.

Four main types of Animal Guides: 

Life Spirit Animals remain by your side throughout your life time. More than likely you have several of these. They reflect your true inner self.

Shadow Spirit Animals arrive to challenge and shake things up. They evoke change in your life when you are stagnant. They represents your inner fears.

Messenger Animals only appear to deliver a warning or message and they leave when situation is resolved.

Journey Spirit Animals arrive when it is time to make a major life decision. They leave when your journey is complete.

The type of animal dictates different realms of your reality. 

Mammals help physical and emotional grounding. They are very intuitive (instinctual) and guide you in strengthening your 3rd eye.

Reptiles help you adapt to change and invoke independence.

Amphibians and Fish reveal you hidden fears and desires while helping you connect with spirit.

Birds bring freedom, strength and connect you to a higher consciousness. 

With what animal do you feel a strong connection? What animal appears to you physically and/or in a dream state? What animal do you want to learn more about?

We all enjoy watching cute animal videos but search out an animal guide and learn how they make wonderful teachers. Study their characteristics and behaviors as they guide you along your spiritual path and connect you with Gaia. 

Already working on a specific Intention and need a Power Animal? Check out a few of these options:

Self Love  - Dove, Hummingbird, Cat

Emotional Healing  - Eagle, Fish, Orca Whale

Spiritual Growth  -   Heron, Swan, Polar Bear

New Beginnings   -   Raven, Frog

"People think a soul mate is your perfect fit, and that's what everyone wants. But a true soulmate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that is holding you back, the person who brings you to your own attention so you can change your life." - Elizabeth Gilbert

Special thanks to Psychic Library 

Photo Credit: Sunny Mary


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