How to prepare to Manifest!

Action Steps that prepare a person for the acceleration of Manifesting are key. After you cast an intention with ritual, you then take physical action in the 3D reality, you will begin to see change occur. Sometimes the result will take time, sometimes…ALOT of time. so what should you be doing while time passes? Continue to take action confirming that the result you desire, is on it’s way to you right now. Below are action steps you can take now that will begin to lay the new flooring for when you are ready to do magick. 1. Documentation IS one of the most important action steps you could take RIGHT NOW to begin to on your manifesting journey. Start with 3 separate progressions in your documentation. You can use one book for the first two steps, you can call it the ‘Wake/Dream Journal’. Consider the ‘Wake/Dream’ journal as works in pencil, a work in progress. Use one side for the Wake Journal and flip the book over and journal your dreams. Using the same book at opposite sides is symbolic of the two states of consciousness we exist within. First Step ~ Waking Workbook On this side of the book, document different aspects of life as a workbook. Develop the content and open communication with your inner self by keeping notes as you read self-help books and continue with your meditations. Small epiphanies and connections are going to become clear to you, leaving hints for areas to bring into the light. Write down clear intentions and affirmations that define the goalsof your healing. Cosmic occurrences that clearly shine a light on your path confirming you are going the right direction should be noted. Make sure to write down dates, times and astrological events, especially moon cycles as they coincide with the events you are notating. There are no such things as coincidences, the Universe is constantly conspiring on your behalf to open doors for your future. Second Step ~ Dreaming Workbook On the other end of your journal dreams! Keep the notebook and pen right next to your bed. Have a lamp or night-light close by so that you can write if you wake during the dark of night to document dreams. Place a glass of water by your bed at night and infuse the water with the intention of remembering your dreams. When you wake from dreamstate, drink the water and write! This ritual will help trigger your memory palace to begin to recall the dreamstate, eventually giving you the ability to dream in lucid awakening. Two things will take place 1. you will begin to remember more detail 2. your past and future self will be able to get more information to you through the dream state. You will want to do dream interpretation as you begin this part of your journalling. The Element Encyclopedia of 20,000 Dreams by Theresa Cheung is great book to start with your interpreting with many modern symbols & deeply entrenched in Carl Jung’s philosophy. Carl Jung actually named the ‘Shadow’ Aspect in his work. And this leads us to the final stage of documentation, for when you begin to actually do manifestation using natural magick. Fine Ink ~ “Book of Shadows” Carl Jung defined the shadow as a part of self that is unintegrated. The Book of Shadows is where you put ONLY your actual manifestation (spells) work. Many times, people will use a special pen to write in this book. Keep the book in a special place. Drawings, artwork, every item used & every word said during focused ritual is written in this book. And Consider ‘The Book of Shadows’ is the work in your finest ink. The Book of Shadows can be a beautifully bound book that is kept with all the most important, crystallized messages, epiphanies and cosmic events. It may take you years to get to the beginning your Book of Shadows but once you take this final step, build ritual around it. As with the ‘Wake Dream Journal’ above, date and time stamp your work, notate astrological events and reference all three (3) books together to begin to see real mystical events happening for you. And have fun! 2. Meditations (yoga, zen, guided meditations) will help you learn to quiet the mind and train the mind/body connection. Energy work (Reiki/GiGong/Yoga) explores the neurological connections within the body and assist in heightening of the senses at the same time. Walking meditations are a great way to connect with nature and experience your own kind of solitary adventure. Meditation will help you understand the duality and open internal channels within self for continued healing. 3. Self Help (healing modalities) such as reiki, hypnosis, and NLP are great when combined with psychological therapy with a licensed professional working in mental health or holistic medicines. Especially if part of your manifestation work is for bringing mental issues or a physical ailment into healing. 4. Other ideas for learning to trust your ability: Training exercises for ego, self awareness, energy bending, astral projection. Sit in silence & watch a pot of water boil. Watch candle burn. Avoid using the words “I, mine, me, myself, my” & do so without referring to yourself in 3rd person. Lying on floor with crystal on 3rd eye. Pendulum manipulation. Color/aura visualization. Change your sentences from ‘can’t, won’t, or other negative statements like ‘they are always like that’ immediately when negatives are verbalized and say the correct sentence out loud ‘i can, i will, i am and ‘i am sure they can change’ etc. 5. Crystals are physical manifestations of emotional states emitted by our Mother Earth, Gaia. They are living beings that have pure vibrations and they operate as communicators for humans. They want to sleep with you, charge and release them often, as needed. Whether you are already on your path and doing manifestation or a newbie just looking for ways to start on this path, many of the disciplines above will help you hone your skills and get you ready for laser focused manifestation work to get everything that is good for your soul!
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