How To: Use Crystals

Crystals are precious gifts produced by Mother Earth that hold beautiful and varying energetic frequencies at our disposal for so many purposes. With an abundance of varieties and uses, we are breaking down the basics so you can build your own community of crystal friends and know exactly how to use them in your transformational work. You can imagine crystals to be little energetic batteries that hold specific downloadable programs for healing.

Interesting facts Crystals are comprised of varying degrees of metamorphic and sedimentary rocks created by intense heat from the planet. The pigment and colors vary based on the amount of silicon dioxide present in the earth. The crystal quartz is transparent and contains all colors of the rainbow in it’s structure. Crystals breathe, but it’s called the energy polarity of crystals. The way it works is hydrogen and halogen bonds continuously exchange energy resulting in constant growth or movement of the crystal.

The Basics Understand that crystals are living beings formed a long, long time ago. They will outlive you and therefore you are only their caretaker while you have them. You must first cleanse their energetic field of any vibration from before you entered their life. You can do this by using sage blown over them. You can use your breathe to cleanse the energy field, put them in a bag of herbs, or in the earth. After their energy field has been cleansed you can program the crystal with your intentions for healing and magick. Crystals should be cleansed after intense healing work as they are able to hold energy and they must be purposefully expunged/cleansed for release so they can do the work again later. Using Crystals Programming a crystal can happen many different ways. The key is to align your intention with the crystal by allowing the crystal a little time to correspond with your personal energetic field. Whether it is the first time you are aligning yourself with the crystal or after having done meditative, healing or crystal grid work with your collection of crystal friends, here are some suggestions on the ways to continue to use your crystals. While Sleeping Allow the properties to work with you while sleeping. Most commonly you can place a crystal under your pillow, however other locations in your bed can also work. While doing chakra work for instance, you can place a crystal under the covers near the chakra location to receive the energetic benefit. Be sure not to roll on top of it for comfort’s sake! Direct Contact with your skin during meditation If you are meditating, hold a crystal in your hand. Switch hands back and forth to see which is the hand that receives energy the best (many times this is the left hand and there are reasons for the left hand), hold crystal while doing meditations. If you are doing a Chakra meditation, try placing crystals on that chakra location to align that center. Drinking Water To infuse drinking water with the crystal’s properties place a crystal in the bottom of a water pitcher. Drink the water throughout the day, but not the crystal. Some crystals should NOT be put in water. Please check to ensure you are using a crystal that doesn’t dissolve in water. Gardening Bury crystals in the earth or in a planter when planting seeds to charge and enhance the seeds. You can also use the crystals to decorate a planter or landscape for a similar effect. Charging Crystals Place your crystals in the sunlight or the moonlight to cleanse and charge them. A new moon can charge a crystal for new beginnings while a full moon enhances the charge of the current stone’s properties. Crystal Grids All stones are associated with certain energies, so you can place a variety of stones together in specific locations in a space to enhance energy flow for working a particular intention or chakra. Manifesting Intentions InnerTrinsix offers meditation kits that provide all of the elements needed to support a specific intention. These kits always use stones when enhancing an intention because the energy they release constantly propels the vibrations forward. Sitting in meditation with a stone, mantra and essential oils is the perfect combination of energetic support to make all your desires manifest. Photo credit:  
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