Q&A: Peaceful Pregnancy

Question from Alex: "I am interested in ways to help me have a peaceful and as pain-free as possible birth - anything that can help with labor and delivery?"
Congrats Alex! Babies are the most joyous eventIT Peace Sprays of life! Childbirth is so exciting but also a little stressful. Let’s choose a few essential oils (EO's) known to help keep everything calm, peaceful, as pain free as possible and most importantly safe. Lavender is peace in a bottle! It’s also natural pain relief when you need it the most. It calms the nerves, is an anti septic and is a favorite for the female reproductive system. It's also our favorite for your entire pregnancy, including labor and childbirth.  Other EO’s used for female reproduction includes rose and geranium.
Rose promotes a strong uterus and is considered “queen of the flowers”, the oil of love. Rose EO is also very pricey, beware if you find an cheap version of rose oil, that's usually a heads up that they used chemicals during production or it's a chemical reproduction. There is no room for chemicals in the delivery room! Geranium balances your hormones and it's an anti septic as well. You can find a rose geranium variety with a heavenly aroma. Mandarin calms the central nervous system. It’s an uplifting oil but also an anti-spasmodic, so best to use this oil immediately after the joyous event.
Thanks for your question. We wish you all the love and luck in the world. Please share a pic of your bundle of joy. Blessed Be!
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