Q&A: What is Reiki?

Reiki is a discipline formation that  connects the practitioner into the Energy Grid of our reality and using the energy flow for touch healing that works on the subtle human energy body (aura and chakras).

The word Reiki comes from two Japanese words put together; Rei means King but the Japanese adopted the word to mean Higher Power aka God. And ‘Ki’ (or Chi/Qi) means energy of the etheric type.

The Reiki practitioner will lay hands on different parts of the body (following the Chakra System) of the person receiving the Reiki. Many people relax during Reiki to the point they fall asleep, which is the perfect state for the body to heal itself. Reiki works on the aura of a person, flooding new energy into the Chakra system of the person receiving the Reiki.

Reiki’s roots travel all the way back to ancient China with Kung Fu. In Martial Arts, there is a deep understanding of moving energy through the body and using it to manipulate reality and in a fight to win by manipulating the matrix that surrounds. Kung Fu artists were taught to use their own Chi to heal their body after a fight, this is Reiki. All Yogic arts, including Meditation, martial arts, tantra (see tantric work), QiGong (see QiGong), and Reiki have their deepest roots in Atlantean Era arts that were not lost completely by humanity after the Great Flood.


There are a few different schools of Reiki that a person can learn. To become a Reiki Practitioner you receive activations of the Reiki Symbols and certification. Reiki is becoming more popular and finding practitioners is becoming easier and easier.


Many who taught Reiki over the past 30 years have wanted to keep the symbols used by the practitioner, a secret only for those that have gone through the activation. However, we believe that since Earth has entered the Age of Aquarius, it is time for more and more people to see and experience Reiki.

Reiki in Hospitals



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