Who is 'Our Lady'?

Throughout written history, apparitions of 'our lady' have been seen all over the world, especially witnessed by young women and children. Anyone who has witnessed 'Our Lady' is called a 'Watcher' from their first contact and forward throughout life. 'Our Lady' always promises to return to the Watchers, so they can resume the conversation. In some cases, long conversations have been had, over the course of time, sometimes, weeks, months and years. A promise to return and continue to speak of secret truths that were to be shared with all of humanity. Watchers are always watching and waiting for Her return, which can happen at any perfect moment. Although, this version of 'Our Lady' is a caucasian color, 'Our Lady' has every human race and color within Her Rainbow colored holy body. Watchers who have witnessed Her return to the 3rd Dimension have seen Her don human flesh of every color/race on earth. She descends from the ether and she appears first as a bright light. There is a sensation of pure bliss growing in the body of those watchers. Many times, a wondrously beautiful perfume fills the air, music can be heard and the voices of multidimensional angels flowing back through the time portal and into limitlessness, can be heard by the watchers. The message  from 'Our Lady' is this: We and She are part of Mother Earth. Gaia is the Divine Feminines Magickal name of our planet' and 'Our Lady' is the Archetype of the human female as part of our Earth. The human female is a sacred part of nature and the female womb must have it's sacred nature returned. 'Our Lady' represents the Ascended human female of the future, coming back in time to teach the young women and girls about the right path for humanity. The roman catholic church has only allowed these 'Marian" apparitions to be called the Virgin or Mother Mary. However, 'Our Lady' today, is neither Mother nor Virgin but the Equal of Her opposite. 'Our Lady' is the Magdalene Mary, the energy that directly loves and is equal to the 'Christ' collective. The Christ collective can only reach its fully operational potential when the TwinFlame is activated by the Magdalene Mary Mind, waking up in humanity. As starseeds continue to fall from the universe, showering humanity with updated DNA codes of deep truths and spiritual healing, 'Our Lady' continues to prepare earth for the evolutionary events that are triggering spiritual births around the globe. many watchers are now in place and have made life long contracts with 'Our Lady' so that when the time is right, ALL WATCHERS will view 'Our Lady' altogether at once and 'Our Lady' will fill the sky, so that all will know. The sky will open, and Our Lady will birth heaven through Her Holy Womb. 'Our Lady' will continue to appear more and more as Her message is heard and accepted into the hearts of believers. History is OVER. Hail Herstory.
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