Cobra Energy

Cobra Energy

A cobra waits in a basket. The flute (punji) begins to play and the show begins. The snake emerges and the charmer mesmerizes the snake with the music… or is it the other way around?

Snakes cannot hear music. But they feel vibrations and see the flute as a possible threat. They gracefully move and remain focused as they strategize on a swift strike.


The confident and enchanting movements of a cobra teach you that now is your time to emerge from your hiding spot to gracefully mesmerize the world around you. Stay focused on your intentions and strike when within reach.

Transformation and rebirth represent snake energy. With every shed the snake grows, reminding you that change is inevitable and necessary for self-expansion.


Are you fond of hiding your potential and abilities under a basket or are you ready to explore your self-confidence?


Learn more about your self-awareness and the choices you make to find the mysterious knowledge that resides deep within you. Schedule an energy session with a Mystic Mentor.

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