Groundhog Spotlight Energy

Groundhog Spotlight Energy

The Fame of the Yearly Marmot

This cute little furry marmot enjoys many names, also known as a ground squirrel, a woodchuck, and famously every Feb 2nd he's known as a groundhog.

Punxsutawney Phil is most closely related to squirrels and can be found all over the US.

"While the reported origins of Groundhog Day are many, the concept is thought to be linked to the Germanic tradition of Candlemas Day, a Christian feast day. According to the folklore, a sunny Candlemas Day means a longer winter.

In Europe, however, the animal used was generally a hedgehog or a badger. How it wound up being the groundhog’s responsibility in the U.S. may have been a bit of a fluke."

Groundhogs were plentiful in the new world when settlers came from Europe, however badgers and hedgehogs were not. 

The energy of a marmot teaches us to slow down, be cautious, and be resilient.

Go deep into that earth energy to establish your roots in this world.

Take time to yourself and learn how to enjoy your own company.

Spend plenty of time on projects that matter the most in your life.

Dig deep and be tenacious. Frequent and deep meditations, basically "me" time, is extremely important for growth and personal development.


How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? 

Woodchucks do not chuck wood. They leave that task to the Beavers, 


Want to learn more about this social marmot? Check out the great info obtained from this article in Nat Geo:



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