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How to Emotionally Heal

A large part of a personal transformation process is healing places that are wounded emotionally. Facing the shadow allows for clearing and healing of your inner world. There are several items and rituals that can be soothing during this process. Below are a few items recommended to help your journey.

Myrrh Essential Oil
The aromatic effects of myrrh have deeply healing and clearing capabilities. It is known as a strong emotional and physical purifier. Incorporate this essential oil into your daily routine by dabbing it on your skin as a means to ease and accelerate the healing process.


Sandalwood Herbs
Sandalwood is know for it’s antidepressant properties allowing one to achieve a calm and meditative state. A sachet of sandalwood herbs to permeate your linens or clothing will subtly add the scent into your environment and have you experiencing its effects in no time.

The dog is the official companion during the emotional healing journey. The unconditional love dogs possess aids self acceptance and the capacity to see yourself through a dogs eye. Regardless of circumstances, love is present allowing a release of the past that creates room to grow into the person you intend to become. Additionally, the simple act of petting a dog releases oxytocin, serotonin and prolactin in the brain and the release of these hormones are known to elevate moods and initiate emotional and physical healing.

InnerTrinsix Emotional Healing Energy ToolKit
The Emotional Healing Energy Toolkit by Luna's Vault combines all of the essential items needed for deep emotional healing. This kit includes a candle, essential oil, crystal, mantras, herb sachet, aromatherapy spray and much more.

Emotional Healing Energy Toolkit

Everyone heals differently but with some of these self-help and self-love tools and practices you can begin to feel energized and hopeful for your future ahead.