How to Manifest Protection using Candles and the New Moon

How to Manifest Protection using Candles and the New Moon

The New moon is the time for new beginnings and creating change. It’s also a time for self empowerment. You need to understand what you want and establish the confidence to acquire that intention.

This little exercise is the perfect way to surround yourself with protective energy and it’s also the perfect time to begin. Use the 3 day new moon cycle to establish assurance. Protection is always needed during times of transition, that’s why this phase is important.

You can also utilize the day before and the following day of the new moon, giving you 3 full days of protection manifestation.

Schedule a time at least once during this 3 day option, preferably every night to take mindful actions. Meditating outside under the moon is always preferred, however inside rituals work very well even under bad weather conditions. Many times the peak of a cycle occurs in daylight hours, so feel free to manifest under the sun, especially if that’s the only alone time you can grab.

To get started you need 1 – 3 protection candles


  • Made with essential oils and resins for protection
  • Focal points for meditation
  • Fire element
  • Represents start of protection intention, stimulates intention, and releases protective energy

If using candles other than our Protection candles, use white and/or red candles, preferably unscented or scented with frankincense, cedar wood or basil essential oils.

Complete protection work needs an entire moon cycle. Either plan to burn your candle ⅓  way down to continue the work in full moon and balsamic phases or gather 3 candles to prepare during this phase with intent of burning 2nd candle during full moon and 3rd candle during balsamic moon phase.

Your time with the new moon arrives. You find the perfect quiet spot, candle(s) in hand, along with a pen, paper and an object for carving into the candle. Now all you need to do is follow these 6 easy steps to protection.

1) Carve a protective symbol into the candle or draw symbols on paper. A circle or the eye of horus are great protection symbols, as well as the runes iehwaz or algiz.

2) Light the candle and begin with 4 deep inhale/exhalations.

3) On a piece of paper write down 4 things you are thankful for.

4) On a piece of paper answer the following questions, be specific and take your time:

Why do I want protection? What do I want protection from? What do I gain from protection? What am I willing to give back to the universe for this protection?

5) Repeat the following affirmation 4 times.

“I have courage. I am protected. I am always in harmony with the universe.”

6) Breath in 4 more deep inhale/exhalations and then meditate. Relax your body and release your mind from any thought. Return to the affirmation if your mind wanders. Listen in silence and be grateful.

Carry on with the rest of your night (or day) when you feel ready but let the candle continue to burn. It’s ok to move it to a safer location if needed, especially if burning the entire candle. The center of the bathtub or sink is always a good option if it needs to burn overnight or use a timer as a reminder to blow out your candle if using 1 candle for the entire month.

Repeat during the full moon and balsamic phases. Note all changes and discoveries. With these specific rituals, you'll be well on your way towards a creating a space of healing and protection.

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