How to use Amethyst for Inner Peace

How to use Amethyst for Inner Peace

As we scatter our intentions of peace throughout the world, remember that peace begins from within. Below are some practices you can incorporate into your life to bring about more peace using the stone of peace Amethyst.
  • Place an amethyst stone near your bed for a peaceful night sleep, it's also known to bring prophetic dreams
  • Wear amethyst crystals during stressful times to calm fears, lift spirits, and to bring happiness into your situation.
  • During exceptionally difficult times, go outside and hold an amethyst stone tightly in your hand. Release all of your negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions into your stone. Feel deeply and intensely. Then throw the stone as far as you possibly can, throwing the pain along with it. Take 6 deep breaths and then walk away.

Setting your intention of peace and calming with amethysts will help encourage inner strength, spiritual growth, calm, and balance in your life. Check out our Energy Toolkit for more ways to incorporate peace in your daily life.



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