How to use Onyx for Protection

How to use Onyx for Protection

Onyx is a powerful gemstone that defends our conscious negativity, protects from unwanted and uncontrolled sexual activity, and decreases probability of any outside and unwanted interference in a relationship. The stone gives us strength to cut the ties. It’s a supportive stone during difficult times in life and it centers our energy when stressed. This is the stone to use when you need help making a wise decision.
How do we incorporate an Onyx gemstone into our everyday life for Energetic Protection?
First thing to do is set the stone with your intention. Take a quiet moment with the onyx in your hand and verbalize your specific intention. Be very specific, it also helps to write these details on paper.

Meditation- Hold the crystal in the palm of your hand during meditation or hold between thumb and ring finger. Use the onyx as a focal point to guide you into meditation. Place on your body if lying down.



Sleep- Sleep with an onyx under your pillow, next to your bed and/or in a bowl of water next to your bed like the ancient Egyptians.

Gardening-  Create a decorative space using your crystal/stone in your garden or a flower pot in your home and dedicate that space for protection.
Crystal Grid- Create a design of energy flow using the onyx and crystals for your protection. It’s a wonderful way to connect with stone's energies. Design a masterpiece.
Jewelry- Wearing onyx on your body is a powerful way to connect with its protective energy qualities and ward off any unwanted negativity. 


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