5 Ways to Enhance Your Life Using Lunar Cycles

5 Ways to Enhance Your Life Using Lunar Cycles

As the closest astral body to the Earth, the Moon phases deeply influences the emotional aspects of our lives.

Water on Earth is influenced by the gravitational pull of the Moon and the human body is comprised 50-65% water, which is why we are so responsive to the Moon’s phases. Lunar energy is strongly connected to the female womb, as both the Moon and menstrual cycles are 28 days in length and go through a similar build and release phases.

The 28 day cycle of the Moon is called the lunar month.

This lunar month cycle is a full breath for the orbit of the Moon around Earth. Full Moon is full breath, Waning Moon is exhale, New Moon is empty breath and Waxing Moon is inhalation Every part of the Moon cycle is powerful so it is important to align any work you are doing with the correct phase of the Moon cycle. We can work with these energies of each part of the Moon’s breathing by understanding the secret of Moon Manifestations.

From New Moon to Full Moon is a good time to do work that builds, increases, fills, completes and grows. From Full Moon back to New Moon is a good time to do work that breaks apart, decreased, empties, finishes, and destroys. Remember, all work should be done for yourself alone for spiritual growth and a better life.

Manifest with the Moon


The 5 phases of Moon Manifestation:

🌑 New Moon- A meditative/ educational time to discuss an intention, it's effect on our lives, contemplate action steps and the tools needed to manifest.

🌓 1st Quarter- Check in with self and community to empower action steps set forth on new moon and unearth any new tools needed for the journey.

🌕 Full Moon- Ritual and action time. Shine light on the intention. Release what's no longer serving and activate what is working. Express gratitude and howl at the moon.

🌗 Last Quarter- Fine tune what worked and take active steps to throw out or recycle anything unneeded. Time to prepare for a transition/ flow.

🌘 Balsamic Moon- Clear your mind and say goodbye to this focus for the time being. Relax and restore 
—time for self-love and care.


For a more in depth study on the moon cycles explore: Manifest with the Moon Workshop

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