In-Depth Look at Moon Cycles

In-Depth Look at Moon Cycles

As a vault of knowledge and gravitational energy, the moon reflects wisdom to us every month (28.5 days). It also shares with us keys to unlock ancient energy to influence our daily lives. Take a look at ways to unlock these energies to intentionally phase with the moon.

The gravity of the moon affects all water on planet Earth creating a Lunar Month Cycle, which is also the cycle of a woman. Each phase represents a flow of energy. And connects us with our emotional self.

Let’s begin with the New Moon phase.

It’s all about New Beginnings and Creating Change.

A meditative time to focus on Unity, Self-Empowerment and Possibilities. When we use this time to contemplate our intentions we experience ideas, downloads and intuitive guidance for our best course of action.

After the New Moon phase, we wax our way to the Full Moon for nearly two weeks. The energy of this time frame works best to build form and structure to our intentions.

We continue to focus on acceptance and our intentions while allowing, or creating, any needed changes we need to make for manifestation. This process and timeframe supports our connection for Spiritual Growth.

This makes the best time to cultivate Good Health practices and formulate any details needed for action steps towards our Success. 

The energy of the First Quarter Moon Phase is nestled halfway between the New and Full Moon. This phase naturally provides us with brainstorm activity, impulsive development and spontaneous actions. Utilize this time to harness endurance for the long haul.

Once past the waxing stages, it’s now time to howl at the Full Moon and enjoy 48 hours of multiplicity. In this phase, we see our three selves:

  • Who we were
  • Who we are in the moment
  • Who we want to be

Full Moon Energy makes the best time for all healing work; Emotional Healing, Physical Healing, implementing Good Health practices and Fertility.

It also provides a great time to cultivate Love, Peace and Protection, Prosperity and Success in life.


The Waning Phase begins after the Full Moon as we work our way back to the New Moon. The Waning Moon Energy helps us to understand, forgive and move on.

This important timeframe and energy aids us in overcoming depression and addictions when used in accordance with deep healing practices.

The Last Quarter Moon resides in between the Full and New Moon.

This phase is all about implementing our new found knowledge throughout the cycle. Social interaction is the underlying theme during this time frame. Sometimes we need to seek out a teacher or muse, other times it’s about teaching ourselves what we learned.

Think of the Last Quarter Moon Phase as fertilizer we created from our past and how we will integrate into our newly sown seeds for the future as we complete our 28.5 day journey.


A few other fun moon phase energies to help align manifestation include the following: 


The Balsamic Moon Phase is one of our favorites. This energy during this phase brings Peace and Acceptance. This phase occurs three-and-a-half days before the New Moon peak. We say goodbye to the lessons we worked on so diligently throughout the month and spend time focused on self-love, play and relaxation.

This gives us strength and confidence to move on to the next moon cycle and the lesson it brings


Void-of-Course! The Void-of-Course represents the moon’s time frame between the last contact with any planet, in the current Sign of the Zodiac, and the time it enters the next sign. This can be a few minutes to a few hours but is usually less than a day. It’s during this time we stop. Avoid moving, answering questions, making decisions, and creating plans. It makes the best time to pause, take a deep breath and tap into our intuition. The moment the moon makes contact with the next planet a new story begins and from here we continue on our journey, refreshed and restored.


To learn more about moon phase energy in every moon cycle and how to harness these energies for manifesting your best self…

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