🗝 Explore inherent beauty and inner-strength.
🗝 Reclaim personal power.
🗝 Your desired choices.
🗝 Inventing your own pathway.

Marching to your own beat these days? Or perhaps you feel stuck following the herd. Consider the energy of “Initiative” to provide a safe space to glimpse at what’s on your metaphoric horizon.

Let Courage and Self-Empowerment help you to visualize the pathway needed to realize your goals.

Your key takeaways include the amount of courage needed to initiate your intention and the level of belief in yourself to endure.

Now is your time to take action and reclaim (or maybe initiate) your personal power so that you can march to your own beat with confidence.

Explore your own inherent beauty and inner strength you need for the journey.

Shine a light on the desired choices you need for achievement. Discover the energy and motivations specific to you, even if you need to Invent your own pathway.


Affirmation: There is no passion to be found in playing small and settling for a life that is less than the one that I am capable of living.


Check out the Mystic Moon Circle where we explore this topic deeper while Manifesting with the Moon. 

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