Anubis, Egyptian god. Protector of the dead

Jackal Protection

These incredibly intelligent animals are considered to be one of the oldest dog species according to 2.5 million-year-old fossils. 

As nocturnal animals, they remind us to use the night quiet to receive messages through dreams and take advantage if you too prefer the late night hours too.

A pack of jackals work together and become very territorial. Pups might stay with the family unit to help raise their siblings which only strengthens the protective quality of the pack.

The infamous Egyptian jackal, Anubis, protected the dead and guided them through the underworld.


Enjoy a few ways to connect with Jackal energy this cycle, thanks to Spirit Animals.


You are known to have mystic abilities to sense things beyond the realm. You are highly intuitive and can discern things without conscious reasoning. Use your judgment before taking any action. Listen to your inner voice when you are unable to make any decision. You may have a fascination for subjects that involve metaphysics, spiritualism, mystery, and thrill. 


Jackals can be found living in packs as well as surviving alone. People with jackal as their spirit animal know how to blend with people and connect at social events. They give utmost importance to their friends and family members. However, they need significant time alone with themselves to revive and arrange their thoughts. If you feel too overwhelmed and stressed out by the situation and unable to make any sane judgment, pray to your jackal spirit animal. It will help you to be in a sound mind to think rationally. Meditate on your spirit animal to get clarity on your thoughts and be reasonable with your decisions. 


Jackals have a specific yipping sound that’s recognized and responded to only by their pack members. It’s a kind of security code between pack members. Both the male and female jackals care for their young for over two months. They nurture, attend to, and safeguard them from possible predators until they are confident on their own. Jackal as your spirit animal comes into your consciousness when you are worried about the safety and wellbeing of your family and loved ones. It brings the awareness and strength to face your fears and do the needful to protect your people from any harmful acts or threats. It gives you the ideas, ways, and contacts through which you can build a secured safety net around your close ones.

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