Malachite Energy for Connectivity

Malachite Energy

A Malachite crystal helps us take a hard look at our life and the connections in which we surround ourselves.

From romantic involvements to professional interactions.

As the stone of transformation, Malachite helps us pinpoint the areas in life that need a nudge, then the crystal guides us toward a transition. 

A prominent stone of antiquity, Malachite dates back to Egyptian Pharaohs. They used the stone for jewelry and the pigment for eyeshadow and artwork.

Connected to the HEART chakra and Venus, the goddess of love, we use Malachite to expand our circle of connectivity. Known more for a “tough love” this beautiful green stone helps us get to the heart of any relationship and breaks through any barriers. Yet it gives us the strength to make tough decisions with love and compassion at the core.


Beware: only use Malachite when you are ready to face the truth in a relationship. And pair this stone with the Full Moon for maximum expansion. 


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