What exactly is Mercury Retrograde?

What exactly is Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury Retrograde!  It’s that time of year again.

What exactly is mercury retrograde? Or maybe, why is everything so complicated right now? Mercury is the planet that rules communication! Retrograde, or the appearance that the planet is moving backwards in the universe, makes everything feel like it’s upside down. Many hiccups occur during this time involving interpersonal or technological communication.Travel, speaking your truth, understanding others clearly, keeping focused & general technology are influenced during this time.


Below are a few practices that can help you navigate through any retrograde difficulties & mayhem:mercury retrograde

1) Stop what you’re doing. Walk into another room, location or different setting.
2) Take a deep breath and smile.
3) Look into a mirror & ask yourself “What is the root of this problem?”
4) Visualize the beautiful image of a cosmic dance of physical & virtual interaction
5) If it’s human interaction, consider a virtual solution. Examples: Email your thoughts, talk to an internet friend, research before continuing the conversation. If it’s a technical problem, reflect on a past lesson learned from a human regarding this or a similar issue. Examples: Who is the first person that comes to mind? Can they offer advice/help?

The point is to continue communication but utilize other methods. This is an opportunity to expand our communication horizons. People, places and things are not meant to be in our lives forever, some revolve quickly through our orbit and others remain deeply entrenched in our lives.

Let’s keep that Throat Chakra activated during this time! 

Image credit: oracle of visions

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