You are a rare creature with inner beauty who needs to express your unique truth to the world.

Take advantage of the energy from this lunar cycle, and take some time to recognize the amazing aspects of yourself, and accept your important role in this world.

Your life experiences have brought you to this point, and by recognizing your authentic truth, you will find the strength needed to express yourself with clarity, confidence, and compassion.


I express my truest self with clarity, confidence and authenticity.

The keys are Acceptance and Compassion.

🌑 Acceptance of our inner beauty

🌓 Assimilating life experiences

🌕 Confident self expression

🌗 Refresh the psyche



Want to connect deeper with this energy? 

Connect with a Mystic Mentor during this moon cycle. Nourish the your relationship with your emotional growth and remain grateful for your blessings.

Lunar Session (4 within a moon cycle) provides guidance, support, and accountability as you explore your inner landscape, set intentions, and work toward your ultimate vision. Walk away with tools and action plan to activate your throat chakra. 

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