Self Centered

Self Centered

Self - Centered


🗝 Where your feelings of lack emerge.
🗝 Ownership of beliefs.
🗝 Shine a light on yourself.
🗝 Second chances.

As you embark on a journey that transcends mere self-absorption, "I see," echoes through the corridors of your mind. Self-centered is not about egoism; it's the gateway to a philosophy that nurtures your soul and the boundless tapestry of your being. The keys to unlocking this transformational journey are choices and self-acceptance.

You hold the power to explore the uncharted territories of your own psyche where there is a realm filled with untapped abundance and growth. You're granted a second chance to explore your own beliefs, to take responsibility for the philosophy that shapes your life. In doing so, you shine a brilliant light on yourself, illuminating the path to true maturity and transformation.

This isn't about self-indulgence but a profound alignment with your true character. Self-centered means taking ownership of your beliefs, acknowledging the roots of your mindset, and understanding where feelings of lack may emerge. It's about the humility to make amends with yourself and the world around you. On this sacred journey, you will find not only yourself but the keys to unlock a world of boundless potential and personal growth.


Affirmation: Instead of trying to mend me, I decided to enjoy me. Instead of trying to solve me, I decided to discover me.


Affirmation derived from S.C. Laurie 


For a deeper exploration of this topic, check out the Mystic Moon Circle where we Manifesting with the Moon. 



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