Solstice Energy

Solstice Energy

Like the moon cycle, the Summer Solstice connects us to nature's rhythms.

Summer is a time for action, heat/fire ( in the northern hemisphere). And so is the First Quarter Moon phase.

Celebrate the longest day of the year by honoring deep alignment with seasonal cycles.


  • It’s time to be more intentional.
  • It’s time to take action.
  • It’s time to receive Offerings from the universe.


Take advantage of the Solstice Sessions Coaching package to enhance your summer actions.

This 1-hour session guides you to align your goals, reflect on past progress and adapt any changes needed over the seasons.

And it includes tarot/oracle readings!!!! Who doesn’t love that?


Take the 1st step this summer for a Summer Solstice Session.

You receive four 1-hour sessions to align your intentions with:

Empowerment - Support - Confidence

And maybe some playful behaviors as well 😉


(After first session, we schedule the other 3 sessions in their season, at your convenience.)


🎶 Winter Spring Summer & Fall… all you’ve got to do is call… and we’ll be there, yes we will.

You’ve got a friend 🧡


Solstice Sessions + Oracle


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