Tigers A lunar force

Tigers A lunar force

A Lunar Force of Feminine Energy

The carnivorous tiger hunts at night with confidence and clarity, with nothing to fear.

A tigers ease with lunar forces showing us there is nothing to fear in the dark stillness except the awakening of our own power. 

Tigers are built for stalking prey. A mature tiger has hind limbs longer than the forelimbs, enabling it to jump vertically 16 ft and horizontally 27 feet. They use their 2-3 ft long tail for balance. Even so, they fail 90% of the time. Yet they endure.

This is a lesson about persistence. Even when nature bestows gifts for success, it is important to stay vigilant, focused and on course. 

Webbing between their toes enables Sumatran tigers to be very fast swimmers. They often run hoofed prey into the water because the tiger knows they can out swim the slower prey.

Within this we find a lesson to always go for what we want and surprise our opponents with our natural gifts. 

Still considered an endangered species, as of fall 2023, Global Tiger Forum estimates 5,574 tigers in the wild. A 74% increase in 13 years due to conservation efforts. 

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