Welcome to Luna's Vault

Divine Art Alchemy

A month long interactive event providing support for your intentions. This program utilizes moon phases, celestial wisdom & personal guidance that empowers your goals.
Receive a unique perspective to your souls purpose & the steps for achievement.

Do you have a vision of our life that has been brewing for as long as you remember? - or maybe you’re now waking up to a new way of living.

The women of Luna’s Vault invite you into their manifestation circle to create the life of your dreams, using divine wisdom to guide us on our path.

Harnessing the energy of each New Moon, we virtually co create our vision.  We first set our intention and then create a vision journal entry into your Book of Life. Using physical expression from concept to fruition. Together we unlock your creative potential.

Learn to find joy in each moment of the process as we balance on the edges of depth & lightness. Discover your ability to enhance with each moon phase on your approach to prosperity.

Unlock the chamber of the vault starting with the 4 KEYS

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What you get:
2 hours Divine Art Alchemy ~ vision journal creation. (map) 
Checking in with the quarterly Moon Chats (journey)
Quarterly Email with Meditation, Tips & Encouragement (nourishment)
LifeHacker Training (plan)
Facebook Group (support)
Access to store (discounts)

Who’s this for?
Next level manifesting.
Anyone who loves to create.
The soul looking for community.

What’s the risk for not joining?

You risk staying stuck in the rut.

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$97 value but join now for special rate $22 for new members.

$11 for Manifest with the Moon members (checkout discount code provided in group)