Manifest with the Moon

 Intentional Phasing with Nature


Every 28 days is a new moon bringing a new cycle. A new chance. A change. A fresh perspective. A time of renewal and potential. Manifest with the Moon is a sacred space offering the tools and wisdom to manifest your energy around the lunar phases. Our minds and bodies have the miraculous ability to sync up and be in tune with the cycles of nature. By using the moon cycles in our daily lives we have the opportunity to maximize our highest potentials and ride life’s ups and downs with ease. With more flow, we have less stress.

Our Manifest with the Moon events gather under the moon energy, online, or at local events around Atlanta, Georgia to enhance and educate our mind, body, and spirit. Each month we will focus on one intention and offer lunar knowledge encouraging you to shine your radiant and authentic light. Join our Manifest with the Moon Facebook group for updates, insights, and to connect with other moonbeams around the world!

Photo by: Ramiro Martinez

Manifest with the Moon Kits

Each month take advantage of these unique set of tools, united in a kit, to enhance your energy work.  Intentions change monthly to coincide with planetary movement & moon phases.

Each kit includes sacred gifts from Mother Earth, like crystals, gemstones, herbs, and essential oils. Incense and a candle help to summon the sacred space for healing work. A journal and a key help to unlock the door to healing and expression. We’ve also created a membership with step-by-step instructions walking you through select rituals right for your specific intention. These shared practices have been proven by eons of tradition.

Limited quantities available while supplies last. 


New Moon Chats

Check out our New Moon Chats to join us on a conscious journey as we reflect on our intentions for the month around each New Moon. By setting our intentions at the beginning of each moon cycle, we can bring them into reality easier, reflecting on what we want to experience and expand upon in life. manifest with the moon

Deep, real, empowering & often humorous, these chats are affiliated with the International network of The Wild Woman Project. Our chat panel includes individuals of various backgrounds & awakenings, peering into the shadows & envisioning the light of the moon. It's a meditative/educational time to discuss our topic and intention for the month, reflect on how the moon energy affects our lives, and learn to incorporate the action steps and tools needed to manifest with the moon.

Full Moon Circles

Every month we offer full moon circles virtually through our membership and at varying locations throughout the US. 

These circles are not associated with any singular doctrine or religion, but rather an inclusive coming together with souls from all paths. We all come from different spiritual/cultural backgrounds and gather around the ideas of: Humanity (hearing, respecting, empowering one another), Respect for Earth (turning to nature as a teacher), and Co-Creation (the understanding that just as we co-create our experience in circle, so do we co-create life on Earth). 

You can expect a sensuous, sacred space of collective sisterhood during these circle events. Our moon circles include heartfelt connection, guided meditation & visualization, warm candlelight, soulful sharing, powerful intention setting, ritual creation, Oracle Card readings, sage, crystals, essential oils, music, herbal tea, and more, held on or near the Full Moon each month. These circles are open to all who feel called to join.  No prior meditation, circle experience, astrology or spirituality knowledge necessary! 

As an official circle of The Wild Woman Project, this is a space to consciously gather in community with one another, to be heard, held, felt, seen and lovingly supported by our collective Sisterhood. You are invited to drop deeply into your own being to listen, renew, restore, and reconnect to yourself, your life, and the natural world around you. Consider this your time for sacred soul search and self-care.

Together let's enhance, empower and educate our mind, body and thoughts. Feed the soul! Collectively unlocking life's mysteries with intentional living and mindfulness at the core. Feel free to share your favorite practices. Ask questions. Teach and learn. Be kind and be true. We welcome everyone with an open heart and mind, bring  your friends and join us in manifesting our intentions together. We manifest with the moon and occasionally howl at it too. Check our Luna's Vault Facebook for future Full Moon Circles!