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How does Meditating with Crystals Work?

Question from Becky: How does meditating with crystals work?  I understand it’s all about the vibrations, but that’s about all I understand.”
Crystals are created by specific geometric patterns of molecules and atoms repeating and emitting a constant vibration. You can actually feel this vibration when you learn to sense that energy. Crystals are used in many modern technologies and they were also used in our ancient past, from Egypt to Atlantis.
Because of their strong and constant vibration, they are wonderful for calming the human mind and stimulating beneficial brain waves. By becoming familiar with a specific crystal, you will begin to tune into its frequency. Sleeping with a crystal in your bed is a great way to ‘get to know’ your crystal, or you can simply hold a crystal in your hand and focus on your breathing.
QiGong techniques are a great way to become familiar with your own breath and how powerful it is. Building crystal grids with crystals that you have worked with individually will multiply their ability to work with you to create the atmosphere you want and the future you intend. We have a lot of information in are article, How to Use Crystals for Transformation, that you may find helpful.
Written by: Ana Mony
Photo Credit: Dani Costelo