Align Chakras with Perigee New Moon

New Moon Manifest March 10th 2:02am (US est) 
Perigee Moon for Chakra Activation 
Do you know what Lunar Perigee means?
Perigee means the Moon is closest to the Earth. This is a powerful time to connect your innerworld to Lunar Cycles, a perfect time to commit to your healing process using the natural energy vortexes of your own body in your Chakra's. There are 7 major Chakra's in the body, each managing a different aspect of being a person. Click here to learn more about your Chakra's!
Activate Chakra Energy during a Perigee when the moon's energy is closest to the earth. Discover your chakra balance. Learn which chakras call for attention
  This months Manifest with the Moon Kit has crystals for each Chakra. You will also receive Crystal grid altar cloth, 7 crystal quartz points, 7 art cards with discount codes for future purchases, velvet pouch, step by step details, instructional video to guide your journey & these Chakra gemstones: Root - garnet Sacral - calcite Solar Plexus - citrine Heart - jade Throat - turquoise Brow - lapis Crown - amethyst Don't miss this chance to get to know your inner Power using your Chakra's!  Free shipping. Quantities are limited! Grab one today!   ... Click here to buy
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