In-Person Atlanta Sessions

Imber Tyler supports you through life's changes with Energy Coaching and Practical Magick.

In person Mystic Mentor Sessions are available at Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore in Atlanta, GA.

A Mystic Mentor Session focuses on your unique intentions and personal goals.

Identify and enhance your unique strengths necessary for manifestation an overcome challenges like a warrior.

Imber inspires you by formulating achievable action steps.

She advises on the metaphysical tools used for your specific needs, teaching how and when to use them.

Imber Tyler Mystic Mentor at Phoenix and Dragon Atlanta, GA

And Imber supports with an accountability practice that empowers you to achieve your desired results with transformation.

Each unique session helps establish a personalized road map for your journey and can include Moon Cycles, Oracle/Tarot, Chakra alignment, Animal NGR, Herbs and Crystals, among many other modalities. 

Which Mystic Mentor Session would most benefit you right now?

  • Energetic Protection: confidence, empowerment, attitude, boundaries.
  • Love: home and family, self love, relationships.
  • Success: career goals and changes, money goals, prosperity, abundance.
  • Emotional Healing: pet loss and grief, anticipatory pet loss, compassion fatigue, life changes.
  • Good Health: physical health goals, healthy habits.
  • Peace: spiritual growth, pleasure, life changes.


Whether you are New to mystical practices and need guidance or you're a manifestation Expert but feel stuck... these sessions help bring Clarity and Confidence.


Sessions are: ½ hr $75, ¾ hr $100, 1 hr $125

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