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Moon Cycle Manifestation

Moon Cycle Manifestation

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Moon Cycle Manifestation is a 1 month, self-navigating program designed to align your goals and intentions with the energy of the lunar phases for a truly empowering experience.

Create your vibe in your own time for setting intentions, creating altars, delving into tarot/oracle readings, and embracing deep shadow work when necessary. Explore astrology's connection with the moon cycles. Discover the esoteric and a platform for personal growth and expansion.

What you receive immediately:

  • Digital Reusable Moon Phase Workbook - Lunar Notes
  • Instructions to prepare you for the next moon cycle
  • Complimentary access to 1 month inside the community for live events

What you receive each week during the moon cycle, prior to the major moon phases:

New Moon 🌑

  • Digital Intention Setting Workbook with a supporting guide topic
  • New Moon Ceremony Video: “Divine Art Alchemy”
  • Journaling Prompts and Action items - “Esoteric Truth and Dares”
  • Suggested Altar Items - “SOC’s”
  • Meditation
  • Beautifully Designed Tarot Spread PDF

First Quarter Moon 🌓

  • First Quarter Moon Video: “Esoteric Truth or Dare”

Full Moon 🌕

  • Suggested Ritual items
  • Full Moon Ritual Video

Last Quarter Moon 🌗

  • Last Quarter Moon Chat Video
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  • tarot and oracle video arrives in your email inbox within 7 to 10 days.

    Arrival Info

    Video and pdf arrive in your inbox, using email you supply during purchase.

    This is a custom reading, created specifically for you. Please allow 7-10 days max.

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