I think Luna's Vault Academy is fantastic. It's logical which makes it easy to use. It's totally user friendly even for computer newbies. You guys have really mastered it!!!! I think it's the BEST I have ever seen. It's also very enticing and complete. I highly recommend Luna's Vault Academy.     --Torry F. - NY


Luna's Vault is one of my favorite places to go where I can find a treasure trove of tools to reconnect with myself and manifest with the moon. Kat, Imber & Mo have created a safe space full of wisdom and tool kits where women can go for support and inner peace. Through the pandemic and hurricanes, lunas Vault has been an anchor and a direct link to my sanity and stability. I feel so lucky to have found Luna's Vault. I am grateful for the growth that I have experienced and look forward to continuing this amazing inner work that feels like play!    --Jo B.  - Lillian, AL

I have been creating vision boards at Kathy’s workshops for at least five years now. I find the experience to be relaxing and therapeutic. I enjoy the positive atmosphere and Kathy’s outlook on life! I would definitely recommend her vision board workshop!

--Amy M. - Lexington, KY


Kathy led a fantastic vision board and headdress making session during our New Moon Goddess Retreat in the mountains of Costa Rica! She helped create a playful, comfortable, and fun environment for everyone to fully embrace their inner child while creating headdresses and vision boards! Kathy even brought her own gorgeous crystals and feathers to share with everyone during the headdress session! This was definitely my favorite session of the retreat! 

--Christine L. - Atlanta, GA


Kathy introduced me to the idea of “vision journaling” a while ago and it has become a very special kind of “me time” I really look forward to. She has shown me how important it is to visualize what I want for my life, to visualize the things I want to attract into my life and to visualize the person I want to become. I find it therapeutic to sit down, turn off the world for a while and just dream. Putting my dreams and “visions” down on paper is fun...cutting with scissors, pasting and drawing...helps me re-connect, and reminds me of the days before I forgot how to dream. It helps to show  me, as I look back upon my completed pages, to see how far I have come. I always experience a profound sense of gratitude, to see the many ways I’ve been blessed as my visions and dreams come to life. Through vision journaling...I feel connected to the vast power of God’s universe. Thank you Kathy for showing me how to use this powerful tool.

--Sallie T. - Lexington, KY


I really can’t believe I am writing this letter, but I felt the need to thank you for your assistance.  Although I originally approached the concept of the spiritual toolboxes with a little skepticism, I like to pride myself as a person open to new concepts and ideas.  I have always had a problem controlling my weight.  Through your guidance, I found that what I was seeking was more control over my life and destiny, through self-control and determination.  You suggested the Willpower Toolbox, and I decided to go forward and embrace the concepts within.  Although, I am not advocating the spiritual toolbox as a quick ‘fix’ for all problems in ones life, it clears and focuses the mind to be open to recognizing, and receiving the messages of the body.  I have currently lost approximately 50 pounds and feel better physically and emotionally everyday.  As I continue in my journey, I realize that this is not some fad diet or new age remedy, but rather a change in lifestyle that was awakened through the acceptance of the possibilities that could exist.  Thank you for helping to open my eyes to the internal power that we possess as individuals, and for providing the tools to guide me toward a healthier and more fulfilling life.

--Donna W. – Atlanta, GA


We received the Money Toolbox as a gift and it came at the perfect time. We needed to rent our condo in South Beach; it sat empty for several months and drained our finances. Using the tools and focusing on the concept behind the box brought us a long-term renter within 3 weeks.

--Janet M. - Miami, FL

Wanting to attract love into my life, I took your advice & made a precise list of what I wanted in a man & then set the list aside. 6 months later I purchased the Attracting Love Meditation Kit for a friends birthday. I looked through it everyday for a week and ended up keeping it for myself. I combined the list with the box & now 2 years later I’m planning my wedding with the perfect man. He is exactly what I asked for, down to every detail on that list. Your Meditation Kits are now my favorite gifts for all friends & family.

--Beth S. – Nashville, TN

Thanks for the Attracting Love Toolbox. I wanted it for decoration and a conversation piece for the coffee table (partial to the artwork), but it really works. I met an awesome guy recently and an old boyfriend came back into my life. Unsure what it all means at this moment but can’t help thinking about it every time I look at that box. You said there is no such thing as a coincidence.

--Andrea W. – New York, NY