Soul Acceleration Workshop

 Soul Acceleration Workshop 2024



An Oracle Ritual and preview for 2024

A real time creation of a monthly oracle moon calendar

This event occured on 11/11/23 Sat at 1:00pm - 2:30pm (ET)

Are you ready to step into 2024 with purpose and clarity?

Join us for a transformative afternoon with the enchanting sisters of Luna's Vault. Imber Tyler and Kathy Marie Howell bid farewell to 2023 with a closing ceremony before embarking on the yearly Oracle Ritual for 2024.


What to expect for this Free Yearly Virtual Event

  • 2023 closing ceremony
  • 2024 prep with numerology + ally card of the year
  • Tarot and Oracle card for each moon cycle of 2024
  • Intention setting + roadmap for 2024


We invite you to discover intuitive profound wisdom to guide you through the next chapter of your journey. This webinar is more than just an event – it's an invitation to align with your truest desires and aspirations.


Let us share with you some of our most treasured rituals and ceremonies, handed down through generations. Rituals to simplify your life and illuminate the path ahead. We create a sacred space for you to focus entirely on yourself, your dreams, and ways to manifest them.


Whether you are new to the practice of setting intentions for the year or a seasoned pro. This event is open to everyone who seeks direction, purpose, and a supportive community in which to celebrate.

Our intention for you: create a nurturing space to find clarity, regardless of where you are on the journey.

Luna's Vault Academy

Experience this live webinar for real-time manifestation.

  • Bring a close to 2023 so that you can breathe deeply, release stress and be fully present throughout the holiday season.
  • Experience an Oracle preview for each month of 2024. Including tips to incorporate your intentions.
  • Receive the 2024 Soul Acceleration Calendar with monthly Oracle + Moon cycles.

    Join us, won’t you? For an afternoon of enchantment, reflection, and empowerment.
    Let the wisdom of Luna's Vault guide you to step confidently into creating your tapestry of 2024. Your future self is waiting – are you ready to embrace it?


    Enjoy this yearly ceremony 
    Soul Acceleration Workshop 2024

    Suggested Materials:
    • Pillar Candle (White if possible)
    • Journal or Notebook
    • Loose Paper
    • Fire Proof Container/Pot
    • Lighter or matches
    Optional Materials:
    • Essential Oils of your choice
    • Crystal or stone of your choice
    • Tarot or Oracle Cards of your preference


    Soul Acceleration Fun Fact

    Did you know...
    The cards drawn for each moon cycle of 2024 inspires our monthly topics?