Soul Acceleration Workshop 2023


Soul Acceleration Workshop 2023


An Oracle preview and Ritual for 2023

Nov 12th 12:00pm-1:30pm (ET) Saturday

Are you ready to set your sights on 2023 and leave 2022 behind?
Let’s face it, we’ve all been through more than we care to admit over the past few years and it has left many of us struggling.
There is no better time to declare ownership of your life and leave the struggle behind for good. 
We learned a lot in 2022, but a couple of lessons we all can agree on...
  •  Be mindful of where your attention flows
  • Only you are responsible for your life. 

Inside Luna's Vault Academy, we work with our intentions through every Moon phase. 
Many of us share tremendous growth both personally and professionally. Now we want to share a few key rituals with you.

Soul Acceleration Workshop offers you a sacred ceremony to give 2022 a proper closing and set the stage for a fantastic 2023. 

Ever set an intention or choose a word for the year before? 
Whether it's new to you or even if you’re a master, this complimentary workshop is open to everyone looking for more out of life and a community in which to celebrate. 

Luna's Vault Academy

What to expect

This is a free event.
We start off with a 2022 closing ceremony.
Then we learn to move powerfully into 2023 with insight and focus steps for expansion. 

Join us for an afternoon of fun as we share a few of our most sacred ritual ceremonies that help simplify your life and bring more clarity to every situation. 
Receive month by month oracle guide for 2023. 

Set aside sacred time to focus on YOU and YOUR desires for this next chapter of life.

Suggested Materials:
  • Pillar Candle (White if possible)
  • Journal or Notebook
  • Loose Paper
  • Fire Proof Container/Pot
  • Lighter or matches
  • Essential Oils of your choice
  • Crystal or stone of your choice
  • Tarot or Oracle Cards of your preference

RSVP for replay and 2023 Oracle Guide.

Can't make the live session? No worries, RSVP and we'll send you all the info. 
Dedicate this time to you without interruption, distraction, or multi-tasking.

You’ll thank yourself later!
November 12th Saturday 12:00pm - 1:30 pm (ET)