All About Chakras

There is no separation between what is physical and what is spiritual. It merely appears to be that way because we cannot see microscopic levels with the naked eye. When an infant is conceived, tissue, bone and organs begin to form. The intelligent energy that carries the DNA instructions on how to create this physical body develop into energy vortexes. In the East (India) these vortexes were named “chakras.” The common agreement is that there are seven major vortexes in the human body. However, there are many more vortexes than seven but the most explored chakras are the major seven. Each chakra is aligned with its physical intelligence center, the organs. The organs act with the vortexes to manage growth in the body and in the spirit. The organs retain memory from the stage of life at which the chakra reaches maturity. During the first eighteen years of life an incredible growth rate continues. As this physical growth continues, each chakra continues to grow. At certain ages of life, coinciding with the age range, each chakra blossoms and reaches maturity. The blossoming process happens throughout the earlier part of life. If a traumatic events takes place as a chakra reaches maturity, this can stunt the opening of the vortex or it can rip it open so that it flows at too high a speed. A good way to decide if a chakra is open too much or open too little in your body is to create a list like this one below and see if you resonate with the words as a true statement or not. Root: I ground Sacral: I feel Solar: I act Heart: I love Throat: I speak Third Eye: I see Crown: I know This process will help you see what chakra needs to be opened up or slowed down in it’s vortex movement. However, a very important aspect to remember is that each chakra is interdependent with all others. If one chakra is out of alignment, it will pull too heavily on the others or vice versa because it is too open, the surrounding chakras might shut down to compensate. The simplest way to move through the process of chakra alignment is to start a the lowest chakras in the human body and continue up working on therapeutic healing as you move through all seven major chakras. Like all other aspects of spiritual healing, the chakras have physical symbols such as; oils, herbs, crystals, colors, exercises, foods and sounds that correspond with each individual chakra. The meditation kits are designed for the person who is interested in creating a united alignment within their ethereal and physical body. The process of alignment cannot happen overnight and must be approached with much self love and patience. For someone who is dedicated to this cause, the meditation kit is a great accompaniment to the process. For beginners it is a great way to learn and expand. And for those who have worked with the chakras and understand their own state quite well already, the meditation kit offers another source of directed energy towards manifestation and healing.
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