All Hallows Eve! The Thinnest Veil!

It’s almost Halloween again, a witches favorite holiday! We get to proclaim our love of nature and communion with both God and Goddess in full light. Perfecto! The veil is the thinnest at this time, so we can see our ghosts from times past. Times past in this life and lives from which our souls reincarnated. Past lives, past loves all come up to the surface. We can commune with the duality of Life and Death. Monsters and horror fill this time of year too. Why? I say it’s because we fetishize what we fear. Most fear death. So we cartoon it into something we can get a laugh at for a minute. Or we enjoy the true fright of the ‘House of Horror’ as we walk through the haunted house. Where do we go when we die? We fear for the rotting flesh our soul leaves behind. We wonder about the gore of decomposition. We imagine the process. This is how we have come to express our halloween spirit. But this is all a dance, dealing with the opposite of living. And at this time of the veil thinning so we can really view these opposites, the duality merges and we have; The Living Dead! Speaking of duality, even our monsters are becoming merging their’s. Have you noticed how vampires are becoming beautiful romantics that pine for redemption? Even zombies now can have a conscious mind and choose to do good. What does that really mean as a societal archetype? Some would say it shows the degeneration of everything. That we are making evil appear good and this could only spell disaster blurring the lines of good vs evil. Or does this whole thinning veil, where we can really see that there is no black and white mean evolving. Are we beginning to understand that the death of the flesh isn’t the end of the soul? Are we understanding that even monsters have opportunity for redemption? Blurred lines. Thinning Veil. Grey matter, instead of a doctrine of dichotomy alone? The middle path of non judgement allows for us to bring magick into our world. Can magick change the world, if we become like little children and see the Magick Kingdom? By facing our demons, we come to see they are not as scary as we thought. Maybe it is our own self, from a past life chasing us by way of karmic promise, blood sacrifice or vows. We have to power to bring our own duality, our own opposites into compromise, agreement and even collaboration. This is the time of year when we can shed light on the truth which is ultimately, we are responsible for our demons, our monsters, our fears, our obsessions. And we can release from anything holding us back from anything less than 100% merging. The merging is happening now. Happening on the movie screen, happening in our neighborhoods, happening in our hearts. Trick or Treat? How about both? You in?
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