Happy Ostara!

As the dew that descends
Water drops with right way thought
Feed the pods
The sunflower seed shaped beehive mind
The 5D shroom spores about to break the veil
And be seeded into the awakening human
The Fairy meet the Person
And we find our wings
The descent of 5D to Three
The merging of Star to Mind and flesh
The trinity of Past Present and Future
The adornment of Her Throne
Jasper Quartz Carnelian Emerald Ruby
And a Rainbow
Says the Psychonaut of
The Book of Revelation
Prophecy is the NOW, in riddle
And that is all
No other time but now
My Water broke!
And as 1 the many
And with the many, the rest
E PLURibus, Anum
Peace Love Unity Respect
One love
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