How To: Create Good Health

Your physical health and well being are tied into your energetic body and both systems influence one another. Since mind, body and spirit are so closely linked, we are offering several tools that will be sure to benefit your health on all levels.

Lavender Essential Oil Lavender oil as a healing agent dates back to the origin of aromatherapy itself. French chemist, Rene Gattefosse, burned his hand in a lab accident. Because he studied the therapeutic properties of oil, he had lavender oil nearby. He dipped his hand in the oil and the burn healed quickly without scarring or blisters. During this incident he coined the term aromatherapy. Additionally, lavender oil is considered the most versatile oil because when blended it enhances all other oils. Jade Both Western and Eastern philosophies acknowledge the healthful benefits of a jade stone. The Chinese associate jade with good luck stemming from the stone’s ability to call in a long life and peaceful death for those who utilize it. In Eastern medicine jade is used to ease several organs including the spleen, kidneys and bladder. Eucalyptus Seeds This plant’s use dates back to Aborigines and ancient Egyptians who used the leaves to heal wounds. In modern times eucalyptus is known for its medicinal properties such as fighting off colds and flus as well as inhibiting viruses. InnerTrinsix Good Health Mediation Kit The Good Health meditation kit by InnerTrinsix combines all the elements needed to focus a meaningful intention for good health. This kit includes a candle, essential oil sprays (Soul Sprays), crystal, mantras, herb sachet and much more. Additionally, get insight on the best foods to eat for boosting your health. Consider it your energetic medicine chest. Photo Credit: Arina Vital
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