In-Depth Look at Moon Cycles

We know the moon is a vast vault of knowledge and gravitational energy, now we focus on the energetic moon cycles and how they influence our daily lives. The gravity of the moon affects all water on planet Earth creating a Lunar Month Cycle, which is also the cycle of a woman. Each phase represents a flow of energy. Let’s begin with the New Moon phase. It’s all about new beginnings and creating change. A very subjective time to focus on unity, self empowerment and acceptance. Both new and full moons are the best time to manifest protection and love. After the New Moon phase we work our way to the Full Moon phase. This two week time frame is referred to as the waxing phase. It’s the best time to build form and structure to your intentions. We continue to focus on acceptance and creating change in our life, this is also the time to connect within for spiritual growth. This is the best time to cultivate good health and success intentions. The Waxing Moon contains the first and second Quarter Moon Phases. Brain storming, impulsive development and spontaneous actions occur in the first Quarter Moon Phase, coming straight off the New Moon Phase, this is the time for endurance. As we continue on our waxing journey to the full moon, we reach the second Quarter Moon Phase, a time for energetic expansion and overcoming adversity. Once past the waxing stages, it’s now time to howl at the Full Moon and enjoy three beautiful days of multiplicity. In this phase we see ourselves as who we were, who we want to be and who we are in the moment. It’s the best time for all healing work; emotional healing, physical healing,obtaining good health and fertility. It’s also the time we cultivate love, peace, protection, prosperity and success in life. The back half of the 28 day cycle is called the Waning Phase. From Full Moon to New Moon, it consists of the third and fourth Quarter Moon Phases. The Waning Phase is a significant time after all the work and knowledge you gathered in previous phases… it’s time to get busy. The waning moon helps us to forgive and move on. It’s an important time for overcoming depression and addictions. The third Quarter, fresh off the Full Moon, is all about taking action for our intentions and sharing our new found knowledge. Social interaction is the underlying theme during this time frame. Sometimes we need to seek out a teacher or muse, other times it’s about teaching what we learned and physically taking those next steps. The fourth Quarter Moon Phase allows us to fertilize what we took from our past into our newly sown seeds for the future and completing our 28 day journey. A few other fun moon phases to help align manifestation include the following: Balsamic Moon Phase is the time you accomplish a goal, complete your meditation work and manifestation for an intention. It’s also a great phase to utilize for peace, protection and acceptance work. This phase occurs three-and-a-half days before the New Moon. You say goodbye to the lessons you worked on so diligently and now you are ready to move on to the next lesson with strength and confidence. Disseminating Moon Phase is about thankfulness, sharing and a great time for willpower control. This phase occurs during the waning moon, near the change from the third to fourth quarter phase. Gibbous Moon Phase occurs in the middle waxing and waning phases. The appearance of the moon is greater than half but not full. This is the time to edit and perfect the ideas of your intention make any needed adjustments. Crescent Moon Phase also occurs in both waxing and waning phases. It’s a great time for communication. Communication within your yourself during the waxing phase and with others during the waning phase. And last but not least…our favorite phase, Void-of-Course! The Void-of-Course represents the moons time frame between the last contact with any planet, in the current Sign of the Zodiac, and the time it enters the next sign. This can be a few minutes to a few hours but is usually less than a day. It’s during this time we stop. Avoid moving, answering questions, making decisions,creating plans. It’s the time we take a rest, a deep breath and tap into our intuition. The moment the moon makes contact with the next planet a new story begins and from here we continue on our journey, refreshed and restored.
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