Mother's Day Poem by Ana Mony

A jungle beat filled my soul last night It was strong and fast It penetrated me to my very core I thought it wouldn’t last My arms covered in velvet sleeves On a Persian floor piece, flowing design Beautiful, intricate, colorful Nag champa and lit wax combine My eyes look into a dark gazing glass From my mouth hungry incantations fall Wanting healing and relief My ritual inside a red temple wall Quieting myself to balance I began to hear the sound Like an ancient Tribal trance Only it was coming from the ground I lent my ear down, to hear And heard my own heart pumping Moving towards me it seemed The base beat was jumping Beating a rhythm in my body It was strong and fast Penetrating me to my very core I thought it wouldn’t last As in utero, my heart beat I continued to listen intent Her name became clearer and clearer And deeper and deeper I went Genealogy of some past A map, this rug became Tapestry of a journey through time Never would I be the same By and by as it didn’t stop I continued to listen intent And as I did, my flesh changed sight And deeper and deeper I went Eyes led and body followed This tribal sounding pattern There she was in all her glory This night of strongest Saturn I reached out to touch her Through my fingertips she came My hands my arms and then my whole She and I shared one frame First the sight of our fleshly shell Was of a weathered and withered crone I watched with terrified belief As younger and younger skin shown Time moved backwards As in recalling a lucid dream The old and then the NEW IAM quantum became my theme I felt her voluptuousness as my own She wore every inch with pride I could hear her romantic accent All Time began to coincide I became this woman I didn’t know But her pain I knew all too well I remembered her passions and pain Her visions of heaven and hell Like water wets the skin There were waves memory This moment was known Another life in time, an epiphany And in that moment a comfort complete Satisfied my hearts greatest hold Inconsolable pain and black hole fear The truth I was born very old And now every wrong that was wronged me Every pain I endured I know turmoil’s purpose My heart has propelled me Beauty in ashes, my cure This woman, my soul, cried out for life And only that, only life No revenge, for balance will silence Every wayward strife Such a strange peace has found me I searched myself out with a vengeance And now rewarded with knowledge I am the hero of legends I am a mother the giver of life With my blood, sometimes death, I create I have no bounds for I have found The Lady who can liberate She fills my soul with that drum beat I heard and then…I knew Her spirit compels me Moves me, woos me I command in Her Honor In Her name I do Ana Mony 2014 Photo Credit: Osho Zen Tarot
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