Q&A: Crystals for Inner Peace

Reader Question: How do I use crystals for inner peace?
You have to know what triggers in your reality are causing to you experience turmoil. Crystals can help you as you go through the process of unfolding and discovering what triggers are causing you to feel unsettled and help you to develop a plan to create quiet. When you choose a specific stone as your ally in a search for inner peace, take the time to get to know your stone. Below are some stones to choose for creating inner peace.
Rose Quartz: A favorite crystal for inner peace, this stone is pink in color. Pink is the color of self love in the chakra system. Self love is the key to discovering how to soothe your soul. As you develop an dialog with yourself, you will gain more understanding that will help you expand your peaceful territory.
Amethyst: This deep purple/violet stone has been with humanity since the dawn of written history. Egyptians speak of it in the book of the dead, it is on the Hebrew breastplate in the Bible, and it is written about repeatedly in Eastern scriptures. This stone resonates with the 3rd Eye, so it is very useful in your process going within to hear your inner thoughts on how to find inner peace.
Agate: Having banded colors throughout, this stone resonates with the frequency of protection, strength and harmony. This stone has been used as a barrier over land to create protected space, it is used to clear and cleanse aura's, it is used to create loyalty in love, and to work with all chakras' of the light body.
Calcite: This stone presents in blue, green, yellow, white, orange, amber, pink and red. Each colors works with a different chakra and is very good at amplifying positive thoughts for any purpose. Calcite also works to absorb the negative energies, transmuting them into useful positive purposes. Because of the multicolored nature of this stone, using any color in your process with assist in developing the entire chakra system, activating the light body.
Crystal quartz: An all time favorite and great starter for anyone interested in working with crystals, this is the skeleton key that can do anything you ask of it! Used in modern technology to make things work, this stone is great at amplifying any process you have begun in understanding how to create more peace in your life. This is a great stone to use in grids to bring different stone energies together. Works with all chakras' of the light body.
Moonstone: This stone was used in our ancient past and has been in contact with humans into today! The colors are blue, grey, white, yellow, and rainbow. A stone used in jewelry for female fertility and intuition, it soothes stress and eases emotions. The very process of easing emotional triggers will create a protective shield that will assist you as you grow spiritually.
Turquoise: Another all time favorite throughout time, this stone has been used in jewelry, in funerary, temples, and now...crystal grids! This is a stone of royalty, so think that way when using it. The color theme is blue and so this resonates strongly with the Throat and 3rd eye Chakras. So once you have developed your plan for creating more inner peace, this stone will help you vibrate that message out with focus to the Universe on your behalf.
Don't forget about the other ways to create inner peace, by working with the moon and clearing and protecting your entire space. Check out our other articles for ways to continue to build peace.
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