5 Powerful Crystals for Healing

5 Powerful Crystals for Healing

Crystals are precious gifts produced by Mother Earth that hold beautiful and varying energetic frequencies at our disposal for so many purposes. With an abundance of varieties and uses, we are breaking down the basics so you can build your own community of crystal friends and know exactly how to use them in your transformational work. You can imagine crystals to be little energetic batteries that hold specific downloadable programs for healing.

Crystals are comprised of varying degrees of metamorphic and sedimentary rocks created by intense heat from the planet. The colors and pigments vary based on the amount of silicon dioxide present in the earth. The crystal quartz is transparent and contains all colors of the rainbow in it’s structure. Crystals breathe, but it’s called the energy polarity of crystals. The way it works is hydrogen and halogen bonds continuously exchange energy resulting in constant growth or movement of the crystal.

There are a number of different crystals that are each filled with their own healing abilities promoting the flow of good energy and ridding the body and mind of negative energy for physical and emotional benefits. Each of the following stones are excellent for healing the mind, body and spirit, but each offer bonus characteristics that make them unique.

In addition to it’s healing properties, this multi purpose stone has been used through the ages to enhance courage, willpower, and endurance. These specific traits make this stone very useful in curbing addiction and depression. When mending a broken heart, bloodstone is a helpful friend.

Calcite is known as the crystal of reconciliation inducing forgiveness of yourself and others. This very powerful stone enhances intuition, astral travel, and channeling as well as the ability to be deeply centered and peaceful.Crystal Quartz

Known as a nurturing stone, jasper also supports communication and enhances luck among its list of properties. During stressful periods this stone can ward off negative energy while helping you feel balanced and whole.

Crystal Quartz
This is the first crystal you should purchase when starting crystal work because of it’s highly versatile applications. In addition to healing and clearing, this stone amplifies whatever intention it is programmed with, making it perfect for any intention!

This stone acts as a cheerleader, offering support and encouragement. These traits allow you to embody empowerment, willpower, change and enhanced communication.

Written by: Ana Mony
Photo by: Amanda Vick


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